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Barkly Basics Dish Stick

Barkly Basics Dish Stick

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Washing the dishes with the Dish Stick without getting your hands wet is ideal for all the would-be hand models out there!

It is designed for heavier daily dish washing and is suitable for:

  • Removal of food and debris on pots, pans and dishes
  • Replaceable & interchangeable brush head option
  • Detergent dispensing body
  • Silicone liquid pump button
  • Screw lid for easy filling of Dish Wash
  • Scourer Head is heavy duty and not suitable for fine china or fancy cutlery.
  • Refill Scourer and Brush heads available. 

Hygiene Note: Do not overfill dish stick with dish wash liquid and store liquid for prolonged period of time. This can encourages bacteria to grow. Bacteria love moist environments! 

For best practice, pump in enough dish wash for the round of washing required. Once washing is complete, the remaining small amount of liquid should be emptied to allow the Dish Stick head to dry.

Tip: For most economical use, squirt x10 pumps of our Dish Wash into your Dish Stick and dilute with a tiny bit of water. Adding too much water will over dilute your dish wash and encourage leakage. 

Product size: 22cm Length x 5.5cm width of head

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