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CMC Gold

CMC Dummies | Valentine

CMC Dummies | Valentine

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The newest dummies to hit the market are here!

Designed & manufactured r in Melbourne, Australia.

CMS Gold Dummies are an Australian owned brand & has been a two & a half year process from the first designs to testing to manufacturing.

CMC can ensure that the dummies have been designed to not only look aesthetically pleasing but they've been engineered to be safe, practical & cater for all ages.

What is a vented teat?  A vented teat is a teat that will allow the air to flow in and out. As the baby sucks on the dummy the teat will flatten in their mouths. Most dummies on the market have vented teats including: bibs, frigg, avent, nuk etc.

Should water flow through your teat after steralising your dummy please follow instructions on your box & make sure you squeeze excess water out of your dummies before you give them to bub.

Size 1- For Newborn to 6m

Size 2 - For 6m+

Size 3- For 18m+

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